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Re: st: The origin of the word Stata?

From   ronggui <>
Subject   Re: st: The origin of the word Stata?
Date   Thu, 26 Oct 2006 14:35:15 +0800

I wander if the word "Stata" has any relationship with statistics
besides Stata is a statistical software? When "Stata" is invented,
does it come from any existing word or something?

Ronggui Huang

2006/10/26, Neil Shephard <>:
On 10/26/06, ronggui <> wrote:
> I am informed that Stata is a invented word. But I am curious about
> the origin of the word "Stata". Is there any legend story about why
> choose this word or about how the word was invented?
The Stata Journal Volume 5 Issue 1 was "A Special 20th Stata
Anniversary issue of the Stata Journal"

The article...

Cox, NJ (2005) A breif history of Stata on its 20th Anniverary.  The
Stata Journal 5:2-18

...has an allusion as to the origins of the name "Stata".

"Stata started life within the company [Computing Resrouce Centre,
Santa Monica] as DiAL, a name taken from a never-released project; a
logo existed and several spare folders were lying around the office.
At one time, the name S was considered, until Bill Rogers pointed out
that agroup at Bell Labs had got there first.  The name was changed to
Stata just before the release.  In some early documentation, it was
shouted out, all as capitals, as "STATA", but the presently used form
emerged quickly."

...but no legend or story there I'm afraid.


"An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more
interesting than sex." - Aldous Huxley

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