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st: RE: Stata 9 --> sepov is not recongnizing the svyset variables. Any ideas?

From   Anna Gueorguieva <>
Subject   st: RE: Stata 9 --> sepov is not recongnizing the svyset variables. Any ideas?
Date   Sat, 21 Oct 2006 09:25:41 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Nick, Jeff and Stephen,
Thank you for your prompt replies. They helped me in answering how to use the command estimating poverty -sepov- under the revised svyset command in stata 9. Here's a summary of your responses:

-calling svyset under the old version
Jeff  proposed the following solution (if this can address your survey design):
 version 8.2: svyset [pw=repweight_s], strata(strata_unique) psu(psu)
The call to -sepov- remains unchanged.

-New version of the program
Nick proposed the following updated version to the program (STILL UNTESTED, LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE TO FINALIZE IT):
*! sepov2 1.1.0 NJC 19 Oct 2006 
* !!! note: assumes variables p0, p1, p2, p`alpha' do not exist !!! 
* sepov 1.1.0  27/09/99 sepov.ado           [STB-51: sg117]
* Dean Jolliffe, Anastassia Semykina
program sepov2
 version 9    
 syntax varlist [pweight iweight] [if] [in] [, /// 
 Povline(string) Alpha(real 0) * ] 
 marksample touse 
 qui count if `touse' 
 if r(N) == 0 error 2000 
 if `alpha' < 0 { 
  di as err "negative alpha is not allowed"
  exit 198 
 foreach v of local varlist { 
  if `"`: variable label `v''"' != "" { 
          local lbl `": `: variable label `v''"' 
  else local lbl 
  gen p0 = `v' < `povline' 
  gen p1 = p0 * (1 - `v'/`povline') 
  gen p2 = p0 * (1 - `v'/`povline')^2 
  di as txt _n(2) "Poverty measures for `v'`lbl'"
         if !inlist(`alpha', 0, 1, 2) {
   gen p`alpha'= p0 * (1 - `v'/`povline')^`alpha'
   local svyvars p0 p1 p2 p`alpha' 
  else local svyvars p0 p1 p2 
  svy : mean `svyvars' if `touse' [`weight'`exp'], `options'
  drop `svyvars' 

-Not use the program at all
Stephen proposed that I just use svy: mean poor rather than going through sepov. More explanation in:

Another idea is to add strata, psu, etc. directly into the calling of the program as in
sepov consumption [pw=pweight], p(povline) strata(strata) psu(psu) fcp(samplesize)
(again that will not take into accoutn a very complex survey design)

Thank you all for your time! All my colleagues are using sepov so hopefully this will be useful to a lot of people.

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