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st: partial F test

From   Diego Bellavia <>
Subject   st: partial F test
Date   Thu, 19 Oct 2006 03:49:30 +0200 (CEST)

Hi Statalist, 

Today in the class we approached the partial F test in
linear regression. The examples have been done in JMP
(that I do not like), but I would like to use STATA
instead. The questions are: 
1) Is possible to build a "parent" model (only b0)
without creating another dataset ? 

2) How to perform a partial F test in STATA ? 

3) Is possible to temporarily exclude some observation
(potential influencing points) and run again the model
without them and without the necessity to create a new
dataset ? I know, this question is not directly
related to the partial F test, but it is critical to
me, just to quickly assess the outliers in the model. 

Thank you always 


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