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"SPSS is recognized as a leader in the 
predictive analytics market space. 
Predictive analytics, which combines 
advanced analytics and decision optimization, 
will continue to be a focus for the organization 
as it seeks to increase marketplace understanding 
of the business benefits that predictive 
analytics provides." 

Anyone know what this means? 


> gives a 1968 start date. 
> That's 38 years to get it right... 
Richard Williams
> > But, the SPSS GUI has to be good because nobody in the world could 
> > possibly remember all of SPSS's wildly inconsistent syntax. 
>  I can't 
> > think of any good reason for the inconsistencies; I'm sure it just 
> > reflects the fact that different routines were written by different 
> > programmers and SPSS, unfortunately, made little effort to 
> impose any 
> > consistency.  Stata, which is at least 10 years younger than SPSS, 
> > probably benefited from seeing what other programs had done wrong.

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