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Re: st: Stata vs SPSS

Subject   Re: st: Stata vs SPSS
Date   Sat, 14 Oct 2006 21:02:33 -0400 (EDT)

LaTeX for reports, tables.

pdflatex and beamer for slide presentations.

There are many Stata-to-Latex packages on SSC

--Chris Ryan

>. . . .  But once I realized that it's next to
> impossible to get reports seamlessly from Stata to, say, PowerPoint,
> I practically gave up on it.  Stata output appears very nicely on
> screen, but you this output can't be copied into PowerPoint and have
> it look like what Stata produced.  When copied, the result is
> distorted (the font issue) and without lines or formatting, plus, as
> Fred noted, one can't create somewhat complicated reports for clients
> (clients who have no patience to wait while you write a program).  I
> have to spend my time reformatting what should already be formatted
> correctly.  I know there are programs to do this because I've posted
> queries to this listserv on this issue before, but why do I have to
> use them??? I should just be able to copy and paste, and that's
> it.  For those who love programming, then let them write
> programs.  For those of us who need results, then provide a better
> way for us to get them. . . .
> Walt Paczkowski

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