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Re: st: Stata vs SPSS

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata vs SPSS
Date   Sat, 14 Oct 2006 14:32:06 -0400

Joseph Coveney wrote:
> Fred Wolfe wrote:
>> Stata has problem with output formatting and reports.
> [snip]
> I'd second that.

I'd say this is one of Stata's greatest limitations; everything I
do eventually has to be submitted for publication, which means that
I end up eventually outputting my results MS Excel to format them.
This is the only way I have found to produce submission quality output
that can be updated easily and used directly by the individual preparing
the submission.

(And despite Stata's excellent graphic capabilities, the lack of support
for hatch marks means I often have to reproduce my graphs in Excel
as well - many top tier journals take exception to greyscale figures,
allowing only 2-toned hatching or pixellations, whereas I typically work
with coauthors who have strong resistance to Stata's limited workarounds).

I realize that one large barrier to technical progress on this front
is Stata's admirable dedication to supporting all platforms (Mac, Linux,
Win) with a near identical product.

Jeph Herrin
Charlottesville, VA

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