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st: Exporting graphs to .eps - Title misaligned

From   "Raymond P. Guiteras" <guiteras@MIT.EDU>
Subject   st: Exporting graphs to .eps - Title misaligned
Date   Tue, 10 Oct 2006 18:32:19 -0400

Hi, I am exporting stata graphs to eps so that I can incorporate them
in LaTeX files and find that the title is often slightly mis-aligned -
usually too far to the left.

Is there some way for me to correct this?

Details: I am using Stata 8.2 on Windows XP. Here are my sample commands

use auto, clear;
twoway scatter price mpg if foreign==1,
       title("Price vs. MPG among Foreign")
       note("Source: auto.dta")
       saving(TestingGraphics2, replace);
graph export TestingGraphics2.wmf, replace;
graph export TestingGraphics2.eps, replace;

Here are the graphs created:

And note that the title of the last of these is to the left of center.

Please let me know if I can supply any more information, if any of
this is confusing, or if this has been covered before.

Many thanks in advance.
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