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Re: st: outputting formatted data to file

From   Steffen Hokland <hokland@MR.AU.DK>
Subject   Re: st: outputting formatted data to file
Date   Mon, 9 Oct 2006 15:25:16 +0200

If you look at the code of outtable (ssc type outtable.ado) you will see that there is no difficulty writing ASCII formatted data to an external file.
Well, sorry for being a pain. I can easily write the data to a file - in the manner of outtable.ado, but I want to enforce a certian format e.g. %20.5e etc. just as is the case with the display command. However, apparently this isn't possible for ascii output unless you use the contruct:

file write handle %fmt (expr)

where expr evaluates to a data type compatible with %fmt.

Anyway - since I have something working, it isn't really a problem besides me wanting to know if there was a better way, than what I figured out.

Thanks for the help,
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