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st: Re: missing values nightmare

From   evan roberts <>
Subject   st: Re: missing values nightmare
Date   Wed, 4 Oct 2006 08:23:55 -0500

By way of making the point that this is a feature--not a bug--SAS considers all missing values to be less than the negative numbers. As with Stata it is considerably easier for programming purposes that logic be consistently two-way, provided you know what your missing data codes or values are.

At 05:46 PM 10/3/2006, Diego Bassani wrote:

Is it possible that no one noticed this? And if yes, why did stata
not fix it yet?
It is a feature, not a bug.  A lively discussion of this began with
the thread at

My own "If I ruled the world" preference is given at

But, since I don't rule the world, I've learned to live with Stata's
way of doing things.  It really isn't too hard to humor Stata on this
and it would be far too hard for Stata to change now.

Evan Roberts
Minnesota Population Center and Department of History
University of Minnesota
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