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From   "Cheng, Xiaoqiang" <>
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Subject   st: =?utf-8?B?UkU6IHN0OiDCtMOwwrjCtDogc3Q6IEhvdyB0byBjaG9vc2Ug?==?utf-8?B?YSBwcm9wZXIgbW9kZWwgaWYgdGhlIGRlcGVuZGVudCA=?==?utf-8?B?dmFyaWFibGUgaXMgd2l0aGluIGJvdW5kcz8=?=
Date   Mon, 2 Oct 2006 11:43:47 +0200

Thank you very much, it helps a lot.

However, there is a problem now:

-mfx- predicts that:

variable |      dy/dx    Std. Err.     z    P>|z|  [    95% C.I.   ]      X
uba|        -3.05144     1.55749   -1.96   0.050  6.10406  .001175   .004839

And the effect of uba on dependent variable exceeds unit if one std. dev. Of uba changes, certirus paribus? 

Xiaoqiang Cheng

University of Leuven
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      University of Leuven
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      Leuven,  Belgium

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From: [] On Behalf Of Maarten buis
Sent: 2006年10月1日 20:49
Subject: Re: st: ´ð¸´: st: How to choose a proper model if the dependent variable is within bounds?

Xiaoqiang Cheng:
no, if you use -glm- to estimate a fractional logit the effect should
be interpreted in pretty much the same way as logit results, i.e. the
coefficents are the effects of the explanatory variables on the
"logit-transformed" proportions. You can get the effects on the
proportion using -mfx, predict(mu)-. I've given a presentation on
analysing proportions with Stata at the last London Stata User's
meeting. You can get the slides from and my website .


--- "Cheng, Xiaoqiang" <> wrote:
> BTW, since  "glm"  estimates likelihood, should we then interpret the
> coefficients of regressors as probability? 

Maarten L. Buis
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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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