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Re: st: ssm wrapper and population weights

From   "Anders Alexandersson" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: ssm wrapper and population weights
Date   Fri, 29 Sep 2006 09:11:39 -0400

On 9/28/06, A Das <[email protected]> wrote:
   I'm trying to use the new ssm wrapper (Stata
Journal (2006), 6, 3, pp. 285-308) to fit a logit
model with a single endogenous dummy. The model does
not work when I include population weights (although
it should: p.292), but works when I do not. Here's the
model and the error message:

ssm emoprobb age harassd puberty11 firstvi ktouch
usborn2 if xf==1 [pweight=rweight], s(harassd = age
edimp milserved) adapt q(16)  family(binom)

; invalid name

Again, the same model runs properly when I remove the
population weights. Any help would be greatly
With "population weights" I assume you mean sampling weights, since
you refer to pweight. I remember that gllamm instead assumes
pweight(varname) but that's maybe irrelevant here. Is your gllammm
installation up-to-date? To have more control of what's going, I would
make a backup copy of the original dataset, then use the commands
option, as described in section 6.4 of the article. If you still get
an error message, at least you will now if the error message is for
the underlying gllamm code or for the commands before gllamm is

More generally, it is a good idea to debug a problematic command with
-set trace on- beforing issuing the command; see the FAQ at

Anders Alexandersson
[email protected]
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