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Re: st: RE: summarizing several analyses in one graph

From   Michael McCulloch <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: summarizing several analyses in one graph
Date   Thu, 21 Sep 2006 14:21:09 -0700

Works beautifully, Scott!
Three short questions, if I may:
1. How can I suppress the legend, which now shows: <capped bar> "lci/uci" <red dot> "meth".
2. Can the xtitle be made to sit lower down? It bumps up against the x-axis label numbers.
3. Is this Stata programming language? Where can I learn how to write such elegent code? Right now, I'm only at the "do-file" level.
Thank you very much,

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> Subject: st: summarizing several analyses in one graph


> I wish to display them in the following format:
> Each method of analysis as a capped horizontal line as wide as the
> confidence interval, with effect size as a circle.
> The y-axis labeled with the name of the method, e.g. Cox .

How about something like this:

input str6 method es lci uci
    Cox   .89   .86   .99
    MSM   1.2   .95   1.5
 Pscore   .31   .22   .51
 encode method, gen(meth)
twoway rcap lci uci meth, horizontal msize(huge) ///
xtitle(Hazard Ratio and 95% Confidence Interval) ///
ytitle(Analysis Method) ///
ylabel( 1 "Cox" 2 "MSM" 3 "Pscore" , angle(h)) ///
 || scatter meth es, msize(medlarge)


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Best wishes,


Michael McCulloch
Pine Street Clinic
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