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st: RE: Graphing complex sample survey data

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Graphing complex sample survey data
Date   Thu, 14 Sep 2006 17:28:39 +0100

This question was (in a slightly different form) posted
yesterday and answered already by Ulrich Kohler and myself.
Here are a few further comments. 

Wayne is partly right. There is no special set of graphics 
commands linked with -svy:-. There are some special graphics
commands for survival data, time series, and multivariate data, 
for example, but there is no absolute consistency from area 
to area in whether Stata supports special purpose graphics. The 
most crucial single detail is whether there are standard graphs 
that people in the field expect to find in the literature and 
to produce routinely. My own perception was that 
on the "table people" versus "graph people" continuum svy 
analysts were towards the table end in average revealed

Also, Wayne is partly wrong. Stata's graphics range from 
those which expect what is to be plotted to pre-exist as 
variables to those which produce what is to be plotted
as variables on the fly. Scatter plots and time series 
plots are (in their simplest form) examples of the first
kind, while histograms and many bar charts are examples
of the second. But this distinction needn't bother anyone much. 

[email protected] 

Honey, Wayne, DOH
> Those of you who analyze complex sample data using Stata know 
> that Stata
> has specific analytic commands to be used with complex sample data
> (svyset; svy: tab; svy: mean; etc.).  I've been reviewing Stata's
> graphics capabilities in preparation for writing a new report 
> (I haven't
> used Stata's graphics, yet).  It appears that Stata generates graphs
> directly, generating means, proportions, etc., at the same 
> time that it
> generates the graph (as opposed to using figures from previously
> generated tables).  This raises a question that I haven't been able to
> answer by reviewing Stata Help, the Stata Survey Data manual, 
> the Stata
> Graphics manual, or searching the UCLA Stata website.  
> I find no reference to a corresponding special set of 
> graphics commands
> for use with complex sample data.  In fact, I find no discussions
> whatsoever regarding the graphing of complex sample data.  Does anyone
> know where one can find information that will settle my concerns that
> Stata's graphs will present properly generated proportions, means,
> confidence intervals, etc., for complex samples?

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