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RE: st: SSC activity, August 2006

From   "Zurab Sajaia" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   RE: st: SSC activity, August 2006
Date   Fri, 01 Sep 2006 12:39:47 -0400


Thanks for promoting our program :)

It is available for everyone and can be downloaded from

or installed directly using -net install-, just type :
net install xml_tab, all replace from(


From: [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Subject: st: SSC activity, August 2006
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 12:34:35 -0400

There is another package which superseedes, I think, outreg2 and estout: xml_tab
I do not know if it is available, but anyone interested can contact Michael
xml_tab not only exports regression outputs, but any kind of matrix (for a
after a basic tabulation) or table, and has much more other functionnalities.
Best regards.

Kit Baum wrote:

Although -outreg- has often been one of the most popular packages on
SSC, it is puzzling that it retains its popularity, given that it has
been superseded in terms of work-alike functionality by Roy Wada's -
outreg2-. Wada's package contains a number of fixes for problems in
the original -outreg- code, which has not been updated for many
years. If you are using -outreg-, I would highly recommend that you
take a look at -outreg2- as a well-documented and fully supported

If you're not looking for a work-alike to -outreg-, have a look at
Ben Jann's -estout-, which is more powerful (at the cost of some
added complexity).


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