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RE: st: RE: Choosing between SSC & SJ for ado files

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Choosing between SSC & SJ for ado files
Date   Fri, 1 Sep 2006 01:21:13 +0100

The original question was sharply focused 
on SSC and SJ. 

But the original intent of -net-, which underlies
all Stata-based internet transfers of software, was 
to facilitate downloads from wherever they are. 

As Stas indicates, SSC and SJ are far from the only 
outlets whereby user-programmers can make their 
work more available.

is a list of many such sites, including that of
Stas. Those who like total independence can 
still operate and advertise exactly as desired! 

Also, anyone could write an analogue of -ssc-
to ease transfers from their site. 


Stas Kolenikov
> On 8/31/06, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> > But to that should be added other comments.
> I personally don't like to put my programs to SSC, as then I don't
> have as much control over petty one line improvements that I have from
> time to time. And I don't want to bother Kit with all those small
> additions. But for many Stata users, if it is not -ssc-able, it is not
> there -- the times of active developments of individual contributor
> pages, in excitement over the -net- command, seem to be over!

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