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Re: st: RE: estout with lags

From   Scott Cunningham <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: estout with lags
Date   Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:42:06 -0400


-estout- should not have any problems reporting these coefficients.

. xtreg wage l(0/2).exp, fe

(output omitted)

. estout, c("b se") style(fixed)

                        b           se
exp              .0155268      .043717
L.exp           -.0180075     .0456269
L2.exp          -.0118741      .043767
_cons             38.1055     1.528001

Or do I misunderstand something here?
Sorry - I wasn't clear, because in the example I gave, I forgot to note that I actually have many fixed effects control variables that I do not want estout to report. Specifically, I have a model like this:

xi:xtreg depvar l(0/2).indepvar1 indepvar2 i.year i.state i.age, fe i (id)

There are 20 years of data, 50 states, and 9 age cohorts, and I have programmed estout to produce a row of information stating yes or no for each regression I run (I run six different regressions with different specifications) for those fixed effects. So I want to pull only indepvar1 and its lags, indepvar2 and nothing else. I have been using the keep syntax - keep(indepvar1 indepvar2) - but I couldn't find the syntax for keeping lags.


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