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Re: st: mlogit, bootstrap, mfx: "no observations"

From   "jean ries" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: mlogit, bootstrap, mfx: "no observations"
Date   Thu, 24 Aug 2006 16:54:40 +0200

You should put the command -set trace on- (without the hyphens) before
the loop. Then you will be able to see exactly where the problem

By the way, just as Stas Kolenikov, I wonder why you don't want to use
the MLE standard errors.


On 8/24/06, Guido Heineck <[email protected]> wrote:
Dear all,

I have cross-sectional data and run a multinomial logit model for a dependent var with 4 categories (by gender). Following the model, I calculate marginal effects for a subset of covariates.
I have to bootstrap the standard errors and here's where my problem comes in: Without the bootstrap option, everything runs fine. Bootstrapping the s.e. also works fine - without marginal effects. Everything together however generates the following error message:

no observations

Here's the relevant part of my code:

foreach c of local foo {;
mlogit yvar `xvars' `c' if male==0, vce(bootstrap, reps(100) seed(123));
mfx , predict(p outcome(1)) var(`c');
mfx , predict(p outcome(2)) var(`c');
mfx , predict(p outcome(3)) var(`c');
mfx , predict(p outcome(4)) var(`c');

Any ideas on what I am missing here? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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