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Re: Re: st: least products regression

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   Re: Re: st: least products regression
Date   Wed, 23 Aug 2006 12:28:01 +0900

Nick Cox wrote:

The command -concord- by Thomas Steichen and myself
includes a fitting of this line, which is known by
many, many different names. We do use the term
"reduced major axis", but that is evidently not
among the keywords used to code the command.

So far, the publication history of this program
in the STB and SJ includes 8 episodes: some of them are
just small fixes or flourishes, but others are more substantial.


My rather predictable bias, here and elsewhere, is
that you learn more from graphics than by treating
the problem as inferential. See also

Graphing agreement and disagreement.  Stata Journal 4:
329--349 (2004)


So much for my powers of recall.

Nick's point about graphing and inference is well taken:  run the do-file
attached to my post and examine confidence intervals & P-values for the
reduced major axis slope from both -jackknife- and -bootstrap-; hold that
thought and now run -concord- on the dataset and take a look at the
scatterplot and reduced major axis line.

It might be worth an st0015_4 episode to add the ability of -concord-
to -return- the reduced major axis regression coefficients in scalars or a
matrix, and to add some keywords so that it's more visible to the

Joseph Coveney

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