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st: predicting residuals with xtpcse

From   "Jason Yackee" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: predicting residuals with xtpcse
Date   Tue, 22 Aug 2006 20:18:11 -0700

Dear Statalisters:
I fear this question may demonstrate that there is such a thing as a stupid one, but several hours of head-scratching my way through my stata manuals, the archives here, Baltagi, and so on have failed to part the clouds from my thinking.
So in short: why can I not use the "predict residuals, r" routine to generate model residuals for xt--- estimations like xtpcse?  From the manuals I understand that this is not possible.  Is there some other way I can generate my residuals in order to plot them against fitted values?  If not, is there an econometric reason why this is not possible when using xt estimation strategies with panel data?
Thank for any advice you can provide.  If it matters (and I can't imagine it does), I am using Versions 8.2 & 9.2, Intercooled.


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