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st: Issue with edit and if condition

From   "Nuno Soares" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Issue with edit and if condition
Date   Wed, 9 Aug 2006 11:53:49 +0100

Hi Statalisters,

I'm having a problem with the way Stata presents the observations with the
-edit- command. I have database with 198290 observations and more than 300
variables, which is the outcome of merging two databases. By using the
-merge- command to merge two data files, Stata includes a new variables
_merge. In my case, this variable yields the values of 1 and 3 (using
tabstat stat fye__merge, statistics( count ) by(fye__merge)
columns(variables) ):

fye__merge	fye__m~e
1	7290
3	191000
Total	198290

The issue is the following: when I use the -edit permno if fye__merge==1-
command to visualize the observations that meet the condition _merge==1
(fye__merge is the rename of _merge), Stata shows ALL the 198290
observations, when it should return only the 7290 observations. The same
occurs when -edit permno if fye__merge==3- but in this case it is expected
to return 191000 but instead it returns 198231 observations (?!).
However, if I delete the observations (drop if fye__merge==1 or drop if
fye__merge==3 ) the number of observations reported with tabstat command are
Has anyone noticed such a weird behaviour?
I'm using Stata 9.2, completely updated, WinXP Pro, 1.5GB RAM, Centrino


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