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st: Extending Venn Diagrams with "proportional graph areas"

From   Jens Lauritsen <>
Subject   st: Extending Venn Diagrams with "proportional graph areas"
Date   Mon, 17 Jul 2006 20:06:07 +0200

Every so often I get a question on if and how the Venn Diagram routine I
made for Stata can also draw the Venn Diagrams such that the overlapping
areas are sized according to the proportions of data.

E.g. factor a only is represented by 10%, factor b only by 35%, factor a
and b by 30% and neither a or b by 25 %. Then the areas of the total
graph should be the same percentage (proportion) of the total area.

Currently I intend to work on upgrading Venndiag to Stata 9 during the
autumn and should someone wish to collaborate on this let me know
directly to "jl at"

Apologies for having added a vcard to my earlier mail today on the
newcomer aspect. I thought I had set up the mail to not include this in
outgoing mails. (no comments on this please).

Jens Lauritsen
University of Southern Denmark
Odense University Hospital, Odense Denmark
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