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Re: st: quotation mark format change causes invalid syntax error

From   Friedrich Huebler <>
Subject   Re: st: quotation mark format change causes invalid syntax error
Date   Mon, 10 Jul 2006 12:04:01 -0700 (PDT)


Which editor do you use? Are you typing your do-file in Word. Have
you read the text editor FAQ?

Friedrich Huebler

--- "Seligman, Hilary" <> wrote:
> I have come across a very basic problem I am unable to solve.  I
> have a
> long do-file labeling all my variables.  In the middle of the file,
> the
> way the quotation mark looks on the screen changes for some reason
> (it
> looks like the quotation marks are a different font, although the
> font
> of the letters are actually the same).  This happens in the middle
> of a
> line.  Here is the line where the change begins:
> label define continuous 1 "value given" 2 "don't know" 3 "refuse"
> Note (if you can tell on your screen) that the quotation marks
> around
> "refuse" look different from those around "don't know" and "value
> given."  
> At this line, the do-file ends with an uninformative message:
> invalid syntax
> r(198);
> No lines of code past this line of code work, and all of them have
> the
> quotation marks as in "refuse."  I have tried changing the font for
> the
> entire do-file, re-typing the quotation marks, cutting and pasting
> from
> the end of the do-file to the beginning, but I can not get back the
> quotation marks that are being correctly interpreted by Stata.  If
> I go
> back and retype the quotation marks in the early part of the
> do-file,
> the quotation marks change to those like in "refuse," and that line
> of
> code stops working as well.
> Thanks for any words of wisdom.
> --Hilary Seligman

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