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st: quotation mark format change causes invalid syntax error

From   "Seligman, Hilary" <>
Subject   st: quotation mark format change causes invalid syntax error
Date   Mon, 10 Jul 2006 11:22:25 -0700

I have come across a very basic problem I am unable to solve.  I have a
long do-file labeling all my variables.  In the middle of the file, the
way the quotation mark looks on the screen changes for some reason (it
looks like the quotation marks are a different font, although the font
of the letters are actually the same).  This happens in the middle of a
line.  Here is the line where the change begins:

label define continuous 1 "value given" 2 "don't know" 3 "refuse"

Note (if you can tell on your screen) that the quotation marks around
"refuse" look different from those around "don't know" and "value

At this line, the do-file ends with an uninformative message:

invalid syntax

No lines of code past this line of code work, and all of them have the
quotation marks as in "refuse."  I have tried changing the font for the
entire do-file, re-typing the quotation marks, cutting and pasting from
the end of the do-file to the beginning, but I can not get back the
quotation marks that are being correctly interpreted by Stata.  If I go
back and retype the quotation marks in the early part of the do-file,
the quotation marks change to those like in "refuse," and that line of
code stops working as well.

Thanks for any words of wisdom.

--Hilary Seligman

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