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st: Re: permute

From   "Paul Fenner" <>
Subject   st: Re: permute
Date   Sun, 09 Jul 2006 15:30:26 +0000

I often have to analyse small datasets and I normally use StatXact. I no longer have access to this program so I thought that I would use permute as an option. When I use the ranksum test I get reasonable agrrement between the probablities from StatXact and permute (e.g. asymptotic p=0.0749, permute p=0.0789 and StatXact p=0.0794). However when I use signrank I get no agreement at all e.g. asymptotic p 0.0431, permute p=1.00, StatXact p=0.0079). The code I am using is:
permute diff z=r(z), reps(10000) nowarn: signrank diff=0

Could somebody tell me if my code is in error, or am I entirley incorrect in using permute for exact calculations on small numbers.
Many thanks.

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