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Re: st: import SPSS files

From   Suzy <>
Subject   Re: st: import SPSS files
Date   Thu, 06 Jul 2006 15:37:10 -0400

Hi Joe,

I see that it can handle Stata V. 7 and Stata SE, but what about Stata v.9 (intercooled)?


Joe McCrary wrote:

AM Statistical software, which is free from the Ameican Institutes for
Research, will allow you to open and close datasets from many
different formats, including SPSS and Stata.

Just register, download it and the data transfer component.

The benefit of AM over R is that it's GUI, so you won't have a
learning curve in order to use it.

On 7/4/06, P chrisman <> wrote:

Hi List,

I have received several SPSS files. I do not have SPSS nor do I have the
Stata file transfer program. I tried following the suggestions from the
help file using infile, insheet, etc, but have not been able to transfer
the files into Stata thus far. There must be a way to import these
files, but I can't seem to do it. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

MS Biostat student
University of Washington

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