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From   Dirk Nachbar <>
To   hklui <>
Subject   st: SETAR
Date   30 Jun 2006 09:18:41 +0100


unfortunately I am not working on the SETAR model at the moment.

below is a rudimentary Stata program which has to be debugged and finalised. Maybe someone from the list can help me and you. The array var at the end should store the variances of all possible models and then the one with lowest variance should be output.

good luck,



Program for Self-Exciting Threshold AutoRegressive model



set obs 100

gen time=_n

tsset time

gen y=0

replace y=(1+0.3*l.y)*(y>0)+(0+0.5*l.y)*(y<=0)+0.5*invnorm(uniform()) if time>1

line y time

capture program drop setar

program define setar

    version 8.2

    syntax varlist [if] [in], ar(int 1) steps(int 10)

    marksample touse

    qui count if `touse'

    if r(N) ==0 {

            error 2000


    if `ar'<1     {

            di as error "the AR component must be bigger than 1"

            exit 198



    if `steps'<5 {

            di as error "you should have at least 5 steps"

            exit 198


    qui sum `1'

    local min r(min)

    local max r(max)

    local y `1'

    forval i=1/`steps' {

                    tempvar y`i' y`i'inv

                    gen y`i'=l.(y>`min'+`i'*(`max'-`min')/`steps')

                    gen y`i'inv=1-y`i'

                    forval j=1/`ar' {

                                    tempvar y`i'`j' y`i'inv`j'

                                    gen y`i'`j'=l`j'.y*y`i'

                                    gen y`i'inv`j'=l`j'.y*y`i'inv


                    qui reg y y`i' y`i'1-y`i'`ar' y`i'inv y`i'inv1-y`i'inv`ar'

                    *store the variance and threshold

                    mat var[`i',1]=(e(rmse)*e(rmse)*e(df_r)/e(N))

                    mat var[`i',2]=`min'+`i'*(`max'-`min')/`steps'



Dirk Nachbar

Assistant Economist


Department for Work and Pensions

Level 4, The Adelphi

1-11 John Adam St

WC2N 6HT London

020 796 28531 30/06/2006 07:42 To Dirk Nachbar/London/Asd@ASD cc Subject Help: Stata and SETAR


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