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st: line plots: article in Significance

From   n j cox <>
Subject   st: line plots: article in Significance
Date   Wed, 28 Jun 2006 12:59:59 +0100

The latest issue of _Significance_, a journal of the
Royal Statistical Society, contains an article by
R. Allan Reese:

Reese, R.A. 2006. Line plots. Significance 3(2): 85--87.

Allan is a long-time Stata user and occasional contributor
to Statalist and other mailing lists, known for his
willingness to stir things up!

Many Statalist readers may be interested in this
piece. Its main argument is that a command language offering
scope for controlling details of your plot is preferable
to lousy and awkward defaults in menu-driven software.
Surprise: Stata is the example used for the former and
Excel that used for the latter. Few of us will need conversion
on this point, but the reference may still be of use for showing
to colleagues or students, or just for your files.

You may able to get on-line access to this. Start by Googling
"Significance". The journal is currently #1 hit.


P.S. One detail needs correction. Allan states that the
-line- command does not have an option to mark points.
There are at least two Stata answers to that. The first
is to use -twoway connected- instead if that is what you want.
The second is that

line y t, recast(connected)

gets you there in one. So if non-Stata users express
incredulity to you at this statement, you can explain that
there is no problem here.
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