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st: Modifying -irf graph- output

From   "Michael S. Hanson" <>
Subject   st: Modifying -irf graph- output
Date   Thu, 15 Jun 2006 12:27:27 -0400

I have been trying, without much luck, to modify the graphical output of -irf graph- (using Stata/SE 9.2, updated May 17th). To illustrate, the following code will generate a basic 3 x 3 plot of the impulse responses from a very simple VAR model:

webuse lutkepohl
var linv linc lcon
irf set test
irf create test_irf, step(12)
irf graph irf, irf(test_irf)

1. How does one add a title to the whole plot? (Much like the legend and the note at the bottom of the plot?) A command like -irf graph irf, irf(test_irf) title("Title")- or -irf graph irf, irf (test_irf) title("Title", span)- simply adds the title to each subplot individually.

2. How does one change the text of and/or remove the legend and the note? I attempted variations on -irf graph irf, irf(test_irf) legend (off)-, which have had no effect.

3. How does one change/control the axis labels and titles? In particular, I want to either change or delete the text that reads "step" by default beneath the final row of subplots.

I have been successful in controlling some aspects of how the subplots display; for example, I have been able to change the range along the x-axis with the command -irf graph irf, irf(test_irf) xlabel (0(4)12, grid)-. But I don't see how to change attributes that apply to the graph as a whole. I'm hoping that someone will be able to suggest a simpler solution than to create a similar IRF graph by scratch -- that is, save each subplot individually with the - individual- option, then use -graph combine- to re-assemble them with the desired labels, titles, etc. (Although if anyone has working code examples of that approach, I'd appreciate the opportunity look at them.) Thanks for any suggestions.

-- Mike

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