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st: Remove the "more" button on the Results Window?

From   Jeff Rosen <>
Subject   st: Remove the "more" button on the Results Window?
Date   Tue, 13 Jun 2006 18:08:48 -0400

I'm a new Stata user and I apologize if this was asked previously, but I didn't see it in the archive. I am writing a -do- program and many of the lines uses the -recode _all- function to change all the missing observations into zeros. The problem that I am facing is that I have 1000's of observations and 100's of variables. When I run the line, the results window requires that I click the "more" button in order for the program to continue. I have about 50 of these -recode- functions in my -do- file along with about 700 other lines of code. I would rather just have the program run without me having to sit there and click the "more" button constantly. Is there away for the results window to just continuously scroll until the end of the program?

Thanks in advance,

Jeff Rosen

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