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st: significance of grouped contributions in Oaxaca decomposition

From   "Van de Poel, Ellen" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: significance of grouped contributions in Oaxaca decomposition
Date   Fri, 9 Jun 2006 14:07:18 +0200

Dear Stalist users,

A question regarding the Oaxaca decomposition:
  I use the command : oaxaca group1 group2, de esave

  to generate detailed Oaxaca decomposition results.

  Thereafter I want to group the contributions of some binary variables
  that result from a categorical one. E.g. I want to group contributions
  from all the (binary) income quintiles to get a general contribution
for income.
  To get the statistal significance of this grouped contribution I use
  the command :

  nlcom (wealthcon:

  Now, the problem is that this only works for the "endowments
  contribution". Through the _b[] command I cannot seem to get the
  contributions from the coefficient and interaction effects. Although
  they are visible when I do matlist e(b).
  I cannot set a matrix and e.g. use A[1, columnumber] because then I
  lose the standard errors of the estimates.

  I would very much appreciate any helpful suggestion.

  Ellen Van de Poel

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