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Re: st: running gllamm in stata

Subject   Re: st: running gllamm in stata
Date   Fri, 9 Jun 2006 10:23:16 +0100

Hi Sharad, 

gllamm is known for its slowness. I seem to remember that there was once a 
website which says that you can upload your data and they'll run your 
analyses for you in a supercomputer. I can't find it since. Maybe it is no 
longer available. 

Another issue is: you probably reduced your number of integration points 
to 5 to save time, but are you sure it's sufficient for your purpose? 

Hope that helps. 

sharad sharma <> 
09/06/2006 09:33
Please respond to


st: running gllamm in stata

Based on the GLLAMM manual I tried to run two level 
random coefficient model for binary outcome variable. 
It took about 4 hour to run the model. I suspect I 
could not input the comands correctly. I am also not 
clear about  defining matrix, equation and other 
options. May I request for your help? Data source, 
variables and syntax which I used are as follows, 
Data source is women nested within village (average 
women per village is 10, minimum4 maximum 80). There 
are 2 level2 variables and 6 level1 variables, with 
Level 2 (village) variables: vi24 vi26 
Level 1 (women)  variables: svcompr (dependent with 1 
yes and 0 no), bpod, anctrain, ddiff, crillnes, 
delhist, alcohol 
Input comands were as follows, 
. gen cons=1 
. eq inter: cons 
. eq slope: anctrain alcohol crillnes delhist 
. matrix a = e(b) 
. matrix a = (a, .2, 0) 
. gllamm svcompr anctrain alcohol crillnes delhist 
vi24 vi26, i(vill) link(logit) family(binom) nrf(2) 
eqs(inter slope) nip(5) copy adapt eform 
My questions are, whether the comand is correst? if 
so, how can the computer be made to run comand faster? 
If it is not correct, what would be the correct 
Hoping appropriate suggestions, 

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