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st: Fwd: Blogit vs logit and cc

From   "Dominic Muston" <>
Subject   st: Fwd: Blogit vs logit and cc
Date   Mon, 5 Jun 2006 13:09:59 +0100

Dear statalist,

I feel embarassed to ask this question, but here goes. I'm trying to
understand why -blogit- doesn't produce the odds ratio I would expect,
but -logit- (with a weighting option) and -cc- do.

I get the sort of simple dataset I'm exploring by doing this:

use, clear
gen n0=pop-deaths
rename deaths n1
collapse (sum) n0 (sum) n1, by(exposed)
reshape long n, i(exposed) j(outcome)

exposed   outcome     n
0              0               184
0              1               21
1              0               174
1              1               30

where "exposed" is an exposure indicator, "outcome" is an outcome
indicator and "n" is the number of patients.

The command "cc outcome exposed [fweight=n]" and "logit outcome
exposed [weight=n], or" produce an odds ratio of 1.51 with a chi^2_1
value of 1.87 (ie z=1.36). This is entirely what I would expect.

But "blogit outcome n exposed, noconstant or" produces an odds ratio
of 0.005 (z=5.30) and "blogit exposed n outcome, noconstant or"
produces an odds ratio of 0.02 (z=3.87), neither of which matches the
"cc" or "weighted logit" result.

I would expect both -blogit- calls to produce the results that I see
from the -cc- and -logit- calls, but I don't. Why not? (It's going to
be something really obvious isn't it? I did search statalist before

Thanks as ever,

Dominic Muston
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