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Re: st: How to fit multilevel models using stata

From   Christian Ganser <>
Subject   Re: st: How to fit multilevel models using stata
Date   Mon, 05 Jun 2006 10:03:48 +0200

I think both the -xtlogit- command and gllamm (type ssc describe gllamm) will be of interest for you. Take a look at the online-help (help xt) and the XT-Book of the printed manual to learn about how to use the xt-commands. The gllamm-manual, which is available at, will also be very helpful. Furthermore, I find these books worth reading: Rabe-Hesket, Sophia/Skrondal, Anders (2005): Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata, Stata Press (which also treats gllamm) and Snijders, Tom A.B./Bosker, Roel J. (1999): Multilevel Analysis, London: Sage (which gives a more general overview on the topic of multilevel analysis).

Hope this helps.

sharad sharma wrote:


I am a Ph.D. student and new stata user. I want to use
multilevel analysis with a cross-sectional data (women
nested within village). My objective is to examine
neighborhood influence on self reported obstetric
morbidity. The explanatory variables are divided in to
five groups,

- Neighborhood socio-economic indicators
- Neighborhood health infrastructure
- Individual background characteristics
- Preventive health care practice and
- Medical risk factors

The outcome variable is dichotomous (self reported
obstetric morbidity)

How can I fit the random intercept and random slope
models using stata (I am using stata 9)? And how to
interpret the result especially the random effect and
variance components?

May I request for help?


Sharad Kumar Sharma
Institute for Population and Social Research
Mahidol University, Thailand

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