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st: -streg- & equality of coefficients across independent areas

From   "Priscila Ferreira" <>
Subject   st: -streg- & equality of coefficients across independent areas
Date   Sun, 4 Jun 2006 17:44:11 +0100

Good afternoon,

After using -streg- with shared frailty, I am trying to test the
equality of regression coefficients that are generated from the same
specification (same dependent variable, same vector of regressors),
estimated on two different samples. But am not able to.

I tried to implement StataCorp's FAQ:, but I suppose
because the number of variables and observations is too big, the
regression doesn't run.

I tried to compute -test- and -suest- (storing estimates using -est
store- | -estsave- | -eststo-&-estget-), but I suppose these don't
work because with -streg- no -scores- are computed

-lrtest- also seems not to be feasible (because both models use the
same set of covariates, and not one model using a subset of the other)

I suppose I followed the manuals correctly, and I wonder if someone
can confirm to me the following:
- should I believe that these tests work with -streg- with shared
frailty and I am doing something wrong,
- or is there another test that is unknown to me that perfoms this kind of task?

Thank you,
Priscila Ferreira
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