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Re: st: Weighted random effects -rfregk-

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: Weighted random effects -rfregk-
Date   Fri, 02 Jun 2006 22:35:03 -0500

At 08:43 PM 6/2/2006, James J Walters wrote:
I downloaded and am trying to use the "rfregk" command with aweights. I have version 8.1. I keep getting a syntax error. The command aqnd error results are shown below. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas regarding the fix?

. rfregk math_gr4_sat pctenroll avg_t_sal avg_p_tchr avg_isal pretransexp [aw= avg_fte]
invalid syntax

Jim Walters
The program is 9 years old, doesn't have a help file, and is written for Stata 4.0. I can see why that makes it tricky to figure out what the problem is! Too bad that you don't have Stata 9 so you could use Scott Merryman's xtregre2 instead. Even so, you might take a look at the latter to see if it gives you any clues as to what might be wrong.

The main thing that occurs to me is, are the data tsset? You could also -set trace on-, so you see exactly where the error is being generated at.

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