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st: RE: Function that writes the location of the current do-file ?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Function that writes the location of the current do-file ?
Date   Thu, 1 Jun 2006 22:36:05 +0100

You can pass arguments to a do file. This is 
explicit in the on-line help and explained 
in more detail at [U] 16.6. 

The main idea is that the first, second, 
... argument are mapped to local macros
1, 2, ... . 

So for example 

do frog "c:/project/data" 

could work with 

cd "`1'" 

The successive arguments are delimited 
by white space, except that quotes bind. 

So in 

do frog "c:/windows people prefer long names with spaces"  

"c:/windows people prefer long names with spaces"  

is all the first argument. 


Sergio Correia
> Usually, when writing a do file, the first lines are like this:
> clear
> set mem..
> set more off..
> cd c:/project/data  // !!!!!!
> The problem is that, when using the do files on different computers,
> or giving the data + do-files to a colleague, they have to change each
> do-file to match the location of the data (ie, change cd
> c:/project/data to cd "c:/my documents/john/reviews/data")
> My question is, is there a way to do something like
> cd `currentdofile'
> Where `currentdofile' gives the path to the do file currently running.
> Assuming that the do files are in a folder like 
> c:/project/prg , then I can
> cd ..
> cd data
> And I don't longer have to update locations if the path changes.
> I'm aware that other languages do this, but i don't know if there is
> any way to do this in Stata.

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