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st: svyset question

From   "Holtzman, Deborah" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: svyset question
Date   Thu, 1 Jun 2006 13:53:38 -0700


"Help svyset" indicates that the following is possible:

    Stratified two-stage design, individuals sampled in the second stage
    . svyset su1 [pw=pw], strata(strata) || _n

This is exactly what I am trying to do. However, when I put in this
svyset command (using my own variable names), the results include the

"Note: stage 1 is sampled with replacement, all further stages will be

Indeed, when I then put in the command:

. svydes, stage(2)

...the results say:

"there is 1 stage currently svyset, stage(2) is too large"

Any idea what could be going on? I have 70 stage 1 units (from 3
strata), and 370 stage 2 units. I tried simplifying the svyset command
all the way down to:

. svyset su1 || _n

...and had the same problem, so it's not a matter of the strata or of
the weights. However, when I include an FPC at stage 1, the problem goes
away. Unfortunately, statisticians have advised me that an FPC is
inappropriate, so I need to take it out.


Deb H.

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