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Re: st: Reading Statalist efficiently

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   Re: st: Reading Statalist efficiently
Date   Wed, 3 May 2006 09:55:41 -0400

from Eudora, but is free and offers a very easy search mechanism (not
surprising, since it was created by Google).  Either Eudora or gmail's
web client can be configured to route all the messages from Statalist
into a folder or folder-equivalent so they are not mixed in with other
email, so you could just check that "folder" rather than reading a
digest email.  Eudora does not thread messages, as far as I know, and
gmail does (so every conversation is linked together, in theory) but
not everyone is that careful to reply to the right message, anyway, so
the value of threading can be overstated.  The main advantage of gmail
over other email clients is the spam filter, which is really
 Anyway, it's not a huge investment to go to and sign up,
then subscribe to Statalist from that new account, and see how you
like it.  Until you give out that email address to others, you can
just read the Statalist messages in the Inbox, and never delete any
(gmail has plenty of storage, on their server, not your hard drive,
unlike Eudora again--note that Eudora typically automatically saves
attachments, which is a good way to get a virus). If you're only
getting Statalist messages, you don't even have to worry about
configuring gmail to route all the messages from Statalist into a
folder-equivalent (by defining a "Statalist" label and then defining a
corresponding filter).

On 5/3/06, Campbell, Richard T. <> wrote:
I have learned an enormous amount from Statalist and read it
with morning coffee almost every day. I would continue to do so
even if it stayed as it is. But Phil Schumm's message this AM
refers to an email cliet "with a good interface." I have used
Eudora for years, and I suspect that it doesn't meet Phil's
requirements. But what does? Could there be an FAQ entry that
tells us more about how to use Statalist more efficiently? I
have read the current good advice posted there and find little
on this issue. More directly, although learning new email clients
attacts me about as much as undergoing a colonoscopy,
I would be willing to do so if someone could point me
in the right direction.
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