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st: RE: Making a unique log file

From   "Alex Ogan" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Making a unique log file
Date   Tue, 25 Apr 2006 17:29:08 -0400

The following might be helpful, although more than you asked for.  The
short answer is to create a local with your full file name including the
datestamp, and use that local in the log command.

* Prepare Date/Time Stamp
local currdate = date(c(current_date),"dmy")
local stryear = string(year(`currdate'))
local strmonth = string(month(`currdate'))
if length("`strmonth'") == 1 local strmonth = "0`strmonth'"
local strday = string(day(`currdate'))
if length("`strday'") == 1 local strday = "0`strday'"
local currtime = c(current_time)
local strhour = substr("`currtime'",1,2)
local strminute = substr("`currtime'",4,2)
local strsecond = substr("`currtime'",7,2)
local DateTimeStamp =
display "`DateTimeStamp'"

* Log File
local LogPath "V:/ResearchProduction/Data/Stock/Auditing/Logs/"
local LogPref "Get2DaysData_"
local LogSuff ".log"
local LogFullName "`LogPath'`LogPref'`DateTimeStamp'`LogSuff'"
log using `LogFullName', replace    

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From: [email protected]
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Sent: Tuesday, April 25, 2006 5:22 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: st: Making a unique log file

I want to make a command log file using cmdlog, but I want it to be
every time I begin Stata.  Right now my command is

cmdlog using "D:\statalogs\comlog",append

I want it to read something like
Cmdlog using "D:\statalogs\comlog"+"$S_DATE" 

or some other unique identifier but every time I try it, the program
when it gets to the '+' sign.  Can someone please tell me how to get
this to

Many thanks in advance.

Donald W Spady MD, MSc
Departments of Pediatrics and Public Health Sciences
8226B, Aberhart Centre 1
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta,
T6G 2J3

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780-407-7136: FAX

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