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st: appropriate survival analysis

From   "Goldbacher, Edie" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: appropriate survival analysis
Date   Sun, 23 Apr 2006 18:14:58 -0400

Hello.  I am fairly new to STATA and am attempting to figure out the most appropriate survival analytic technique for my data.  I have a dichotomous predictor variable and several dichotomous and continuous covariates, all of which were measured upon entry into the study, and then one , dichotomous dependent variable assessed at baseline and 1,3, and 5 years following the study.  It has been suggested that I use the stcox model.  However, I have read through the STATA materials and it is still unclear to me whether whether stcox can accomodate interval-censored data, or whether I must use another type of survival analytic technique.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
Thank you,

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