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Repost: Using suest

From   "Amber Katz" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Repost: Using suest
Date   Thu, 20 Apr 2006 10:23:59 -0400

I have a data set that has 6 observations per person.  These relate to
each individual's behavior with respect to 6 different products.  For
each observation, I have a binary variable for whether the person
purchased the product (my dependent variable) plus various time
varying and time-invariant independent variables. I'd like to estimate
a probit model using these data.

So the data look like:
ID Product1Purchase(1 or 0) varA1 VarA2 VarA3 VarB VarC

ID Product2Purchase(1 or 0) varA1 VarA2 VarA3 VarB VarC
ID Product6Purchase(1 or 0) varA1 VarA2 VarA3 VarB VarC

Using one of Nick's previous posts, my understanding is that the best
way to do this is to estimate a SUR model, by first estimating a
probit and then using the suest command is a postestimation command. 
However, I don't quite understand how to do this.  What is the
sequence ofcommands I should use?


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