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st: RE: Question for Statalist about "Creating a macro for files"

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: Question for Statalist about "Creating a macro for files"
Date   Wed, 19 Apr 2006 17:38:25 +0100

-outsheet- will only support output using one file, 
so your -outsheet- command is illegal. 

I count three .dta files here, and three .xls files. 

I guess that you want the equivalent of 

use oilgs, clear 
outsheet using bra1.xls
use data2, clear 
outsheet using bra2.xls
use data3, clear 
outsheet using bra3.xls

Using -foreach- is not going to help you much here. 
There is too much irregular detail that is not 

You could do this. 

local i = 1 
foreach file in oilgs data2 data3 { 
	use `file', clear 
	outsheet using bra`i'.xls 
	local ++i 

but that replaces 6 lines with 6. 
I could reduce the code to 5 lines, but 
at the cost of some simplicity. 

As said, the loop is not much simpler than 
the code without a loop.

If you do have an example with 5 files, 
the loop is going to help you a bit more. 

[email protected] 
> I am trying to use the foreach command to "outsheet" five statafiles
> into 5 excel files but don't know how to create the two lists. 
> So far I have this...
> #delimit; 
> foreach file in oilgs.dta  data2.dta data3.dta {;
> outsheet using bra1.xls bra2.xls bra3.xls , replace;
> };
> But it doesn't recognize the list of  xls files 


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