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st: Problem with "graph combine"

From   "Guido Tiemann" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Problem with "graph combine"
Date   Wed, 5 Apr 2006 19:45:53 +0200


I am actually having a problem when I try to produce a graph via "graph

My code:

twoway (rcap lo00 hi00 distaxis) (scatter avg00 distaxis, connect(l)),
title("LEGACY=0") xtitle("MAG1") ytitle("PARTIES") legend (off)
name(lo_legacy)  ylabel(,nogrid) ;
twoway (rcap lo04 hi04 distaxis) (scatter avg04 distaxis, connect(l)),
title("LEGACY=4") xtitle("MAG2") legend(off) yscale(off) name(med_legacy)
ylabel(,nogrid) ;
twoway (rcap lo08 hi08 distaxis) (scatter avg08 distaxis, connect(l)),
title("LEGACY=8") xtitle("MAG3") legend(off) yscale(off) name(hi_legacy)
ylabel(,nogrid) ;
graph combine lo_legacy med_legacy hi_legacy, rows(1) ycom ;

My problem:

I am trying to combine three distinct scatterplots into a single one; the
are supposed to have a common y axis and a separate x-axis for each
subfigure. Unfortunately, using the code above I lose "title("LEGACY=8")"
and "xtitle("MAG3")" in my third subfigure.

So, did I commit some foolish error? Does anyone know a solution to this?

Best regards,

Guido Tiemann

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