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Re: Re: st: Stata/MP for parallel processing

Subject   Re: Re: st: Stata/MP for parallel processing
Date   Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:02:37 -0600

SamL <> in responding to the comments
about Stata/MP being on "steroids" said:

> I agree this sounds fantastic!
> However, like Nick Winter, I am concerned, though I admit I am more
> concerned about its possible inability to reproduce (results).

Probably everyone gets the joke (concerning steroids and
inability to reproduce), but I will go ahead and take this
statalist posting as an excuse to tell you about Stata's
extensive testing and certification for all supported platforms
and Stata flavors -- Intercooled Stata, Stata/SE, and now

We run an extensive suite of tests containing over 500,000 lines
of Stata .do and .ado files for testing the full range of Stata
commands.  These commands produce over 1,000,000 lines of output.
Even more lines could be produced, but we run many of the tests
-quietly- (if anything goes wrong the test fails, otherwise the
output is suppressed from our test log files.

We run this suite of tests on all supported platforms for all
Stata flavors before any new release or executable update is
given to the public.  The output of our tests is compared against
previous runs of our tests and between platforms.

Rest assured that Stata/MP can reproduce.  We have demonstrated
it here at StataCorp.

Ken Higbee
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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