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st: Installing -matodd-

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: Installing -matodd-
Date   Mon, 27 Mar 2006 13:54:42 +0900

Nick Cox wrote (in the "Deming adjustments" thread):

There is also a matrix-based version
called -mstdizem- which is also on
SSC, as part of the -matodd- package.


I noticed that I don't have -mstdizem-, so I did a -findit matodd-.  It
brought up packages on StataCorp's site (users' directory) and, of course,
the one on SSC.  I clicked on the hyperlink for SSC's -matodd- to install it
and I got the "following files already exist and are different" balk.  I
chose one of the files (-matpow-) in the list in the Viewer in order to see
what's up:

. which matpow
c:\Program Files\Stata9\ado\STBplus\m\matpow.ado
*! 1.1.0 NJC 15 June 1999 STB-50 dm69

. type
program def matpow
* power of square matrix
*! 1.0.0 NJC 20 July 1998

When I click on option 2--"Look for an already-installed package of the same
name (which you might then choose to uninstall)"--I get:

directory of installed user-written packages
all packages containing "matodd.pkg":

(click here to return to the previous screen)

Typing -adoupdate matodd- gives:

(no packages match "matodd")

The date given for the package on StataCorp's website is January 1999, so I
couldn't have got -matpow- from there; regardless, I'm not so much
interested in where I got -matpow- from as much as:  how do I
install -mstdizem- and other -matodd- ado-files without overwriting
more-recent versions of -matpow- and others?

Does -adoupdate- take care of this automatically, or do I first
install -matodd- and then go back and re-adoupdate- each of the ado-files in
the list of already-installed packages displayed in the Viewer?

Joseph Coveney

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