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st: RE: iv qreg

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: iv qreg
Date   Fri, 24 Mar 2006 17:57:41 -0000

No idea on your specific question, sorry; 

but your principle is unfortunately 
the wrong way round. That is, there are not 
many undocumented options to commands in Stata, 
as you seem to be hoping here. 

Undocumented options serve occasional purposes 
as hooks for program writers to do things they 
want to do on the quiet, or that they can't be 
bothered to document. 

That said, there would be very little 
point to StataCorp adding major functionality 
but then keeping quiet about it. 


Zuluaga, Blanca
> Does someone know if it's possible to run QUANTILE 
> I checked the 'help' but it doesn't show the option. 
> Hopefully it has it but I couldn't find it.

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