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Re: st: STATA by Stata

From   Nick Winter <>
Subject   Re: st: STATA by Stata
Date   Thu, 23 Mar 2006 13:15:30 -0500

I find it much easier to remember as, "RUB-TARB"


At 01:00 PM 3/23/2006, you wrote:
My telephone is more limited than Richard's and it only uses capital letters.
So the letter equivalent of 782-8272 (the common way of writing phone
numbers here in the US)  is STA-TAPC.  Wonder why they wrote that
as STATA-PC on the startup screen???  Hmmm.


Richard Williams wrote:

At 12:37 PM 3/23/2006, David Airey wrote:

For all of us who get picked on for capitalizing Stata to STATA,
implying an acronym, I just noticed that using Stata 9 for OS X, the
"Official Updates" menu option writes, when updating from,

"update from STATA"

in the command field.

Plus, have you ever noticed that the startup screen says 800-STATA-PC? :)
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