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Re: st: STATA syntax colouring in TextWrangler

From   Danielle H Ferry <>
Subject   Re: st: STATA syntax colouring in TextWrangler
Date   Wed, 22 Mar 2006 12:44:50 -0500

Cool! Works w/ BBEdit, too. You just have to create a "Languages Module" folder.

See this as well: for-textwrangler/

Danielle H Ferry

On Mar 22, 2006, at 9:12 AM, Ronán Conroy wrote:

On 22 Márta 2006, at 12:47, Taavi Lai wrote:

Google search "TextWrangler stata syntax" gave several hits and one of those directed to a file Stata.plist which downloaded ok. I'm not a Mac user and have no acquaintance to TextWrangler so you have to experiment further
the link is language-module-for-textwrangler/


Splended hunting. I've installed it and it works fine, except that it fails to recognise the single open quote correctly. You need to fix these lines

<key>Open Strings 2</key>

to read
<key>Open Strings 2</key>

I have also made a couple of personal tweaks: it now recognises all SSC packages. I've emailed this version to DataNinja so hopefully it will be posted on his/her site.

Ronán Conroy

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