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Re: st: Are you a Bayesians?

From   Rafal Raciborski <>
Subject   Re: st: Are you a Bayesians?
Date   Sun, 05 Mar 2006 13:54:29 -0500

i use mathematica for bayesian.

Quoting "Benjamin M. Craig, Ph.D." <>:

If you are a Bayesian using stata, please respond with raised voice.

Most of my work is frequentist in nature, but I apply Bayesian techniques for some of my more onerous problems. As was mentioned in the fall, "Stata is not much of a vehicle for doing Bayesian things." Should this change?

The paucity of interest in Bayesian techniques, or its appearance, may represent an area of development for stata. Bayesians, if you are out there, I personally would like to how you manage. Maybe stata and its users will develop greater tools if we can show that there is a market.

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