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st: composite kappa & intercenter variability in kappas

Subject   st: composite kappa & intercenter variability in kappas
Date   Wed, 17 Aug 2005 12:50:15 -0500


We submitted a manuscript comparing two observers measuring 10 dicotomous 
variables.  We measured kappa, to assess concordance between observers.  A 
reviewer asked that we calculate an overall value (composite) of the 
kappas, for all 10 variables.   (Fleiss, Stat Methods for Rates and 
Proportions, 2nd or 3rd edition). 

I couldn't find such a function in stata (overall kappa).  Would there be 
another way to calculate this other than by hand? 

Also, the study was completed at 5 different hospitals.  The reviewer 
asked that we take into account hospital to hospital variation when 
calculating kappas.  I wasn't aware that kappas could be adjusted for the 
5 hospitals, other than generating a large matrix of kappas corresponding 
to the different hospitals.  Would there be a way to take into account the 
variation in agreement among the hospitals when estimating the kappas?

Thank you!

Richard Lenhardt, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL 

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